DXF Import map layers to colors

Some software doesn’t support applying colors to DXFs or DXF layers (notably Autodesk Fusion 360).

However, there is a way to cloud-export multiple sketches into lamed layers in a single DXF file. When I import such a file into Lightburn, currently, it imports nothing as if the file is unreadable. It would be nice if LightBurn would provide a mechanism, instead, to map each layer to one of LightBurns colors, which would facilitate a better workflow for creating cut/etch sketches in Fusion.

I know similar topics have been raised (and locked) before, but after reading several previous posts, I think what I am proposing should be relatively easy to implement AND is a slightly different situation than what is raised in the previous posts.

Yes, there are ways in which Autodesk could make this process better, too. I’ve also asked them to do so.

Make a feature request here, and chime in on others that you think should be next: https://lightburn.fider.io/

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If you already have multiple sketches that you export into one DXF, you could also export them to different DXF and import them one by one in LB? Then you can add colors easily.
Though I know this doesn’t solve the original problem, but to me it seems the creation of the cloud export is also creating another step here, so there is not much gain overall (replacing a multiple import operation with multiple export operation). But maybe I didn’t get the procedure correctly.

Yes, and that’s mostly what I do now, but it’s inconvenient as heck and would be much better if I could export the complete set of Sketches from Fusion 360 as layers in a single DXF rather than having to 1: export each one, 2: Import and then color map each one. That’s a lot of manual work for a process I’m hoping to automate.

Could you attach an example DXF file for us to have a play with?

I found an existing feature request which matched and already had 3 votes. Now it has 4. I also added commentary there.

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