DXF import trouble

After update 0.9.20 I can no longer import dxf file help me figure out this issue Im stuck now, I try to go back to 0.9.19 and still same probleme when I drag/import dxf files nothing shows no lines / layers all blank…my settings on auto-close tolerance(mm) is 0.01…Thanks.

Which version did you upgrade from? If you’re having an issue with a DXF file, please email the file to support@lightburnsoftware.com so we can have a look.

I upgraded from 0.9.19 ok dont think is the file but I will send it… I can open same dxf file in corel draw no problems

We don’t use CorelDraw to import the DXF file. DXFs, like most vector file formats, are hideously complicated and contain tons of stuff that’s not relevant to LightBurn, so I’ve written the DXF importer myself, from scratch, based on content of a large number of downloaded files and the DXF specification.

If your file contains something that isn’t used often, or exposes a bug in my code, I will only be able to fix it if you send the file.

here the same problem with import after I update even the save of light burn file is not close all line are separate thinking to go back 2 update it still show everything but… mess up the part try to make tab and I got really a ton of it now, even the cut inner part first don’t work

I’m sorry, but I barely understand what you just said. If DXF files aren’t closed, that’s normal because most software that exports DXF files is kind of stupid, with the exception of CAD software that usually gets them right. Anything artistic, like InkScape, tends to make pretty horrible DXF files.

When you import a DXF, you can join the lines by selecting it all and pressing Alt-J, and that should help.

autocad desing prior to the 2 last update open #1 now it’s mess up will try the join line thing but your software wat on point before … shure something change even the lbrn save of my DXF was ok now it’s still unjoint

Can you email an example to support@lightburnsoftware.com so I can have a look? Include a link to this thread. Relatively little has changed in the DXF importer, aside from adding support for new data types.

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