Dye Sub film for ceramic engraving

I contacted Ortur regarding engraving ceramic tiles and their reply was the following;

(Please buy the Dye-sumb printing film
And then, paste the film on the ceramic and use the 7w to engrave on ceramic.)

Does anyone know what Dye- sumb printing film is and if so, where can I buy it.

I viewed a video on how to with painting with flat white paint, but that didn’t work for me so I’m interested in trying this process.

Is it this…

I really don’t know. I’ll forward this to a Ortur and see what they say.

Why are you having problems with the flat white paint method? (Norton method)
I do it all the time and getting great results.
Not as good as Bulldog, but then I’m still learning.

7watt J-Tech. 60IPM 80% power 200DPI

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[quote=“JVL, post:4, topic:19085”]
7watt J-Tech
Is your 7 watt J-Tech a 7 watt output? My Ortur is not, it’s 7 watt input. I know the Ortur 15 Watt is about 4.5 watt output so the 7 is much lower.

HI Jim,
That’s output power.

Bulldog does his with 2.5w and I use 3.5w so your laser should be more than sufficient.

The Norton method (aka bulldog’s method) is not easy to perfect… I struggle with the paint removing stage taking the engraving off!!!

I now don’t remove the paint but instead seal the tile with clear lacquer.

I would add that focus is critical… Run the focus test in lightburn

I use the Rustoleum flat white as described in the Norton method.
After the burn I wash it off with acetone.

I have used white spirit and witch hazel (UK thing like surgical spirit) but last few attempts have removed the actual engraving along with the paint!!!

I know it’s me doing something wrong.

I need lacquer thinners but need to get to shop for that and lockdown is causing the usual issues.

I’m happy to seal my tiles with clear lacquer… It’s works for me.

I’m at about 2.5

I’m running some test with flat white paint. O 7 watt @15 mm/m and 100% power. So far this is working the best. Paint comes off with lacquer thinner and engraving stays. Trying grayscale now.

Is that 15mm/sec… As 15mm/min is verrrryy slow

Yep, typo. I’m trying 20 mm/ s now

You can pass me information. I can’t find a link that explains the Norton method and I don’t understand it. I have an 80W CO2 laser