Easier way to create outline for Cut

I am using a PNG image and want to make an outline layer. There has to be a faster way than to:

Create a Box
Convert to Path
Use Edit Node and create all the points

Just did this on an image and it took nearly an hour to make the outline cut file

Any insight/help would save me ALOT of time.

Much thanks!!!


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Image Tracing is a much quicker way to create an outline:

Here’s the outline I was able to get by tracing the screenshot you shared:

For your image, I found I needed to set a relatively high “Threshold” (the upper range of brightness values that LightBurn will trace) to produce a clean outline around the body. I turned up the “Ignore less than” value as well, to reduce noise/unneeded traces in the middle section of the body

Because the top of the skull is so light, I wasn’t able to get a trace around the outline there - but cleaning up just that section with node editing will be much faster than going around the entire graphic.


Another option:

  1. Use pencil tool (Draw Lines) to create a continuous line around the design. Zooming in can make this easier.
  2. Edit Nodes until satisfied

Didnt even think about the pencil tool as an options…much thanks.

I’ve been quite pleased with the results the trace tool produces. Whomever wrote that code did a great job.

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