Easy way to achieve black engraving on wood

(Allen Massey) #21

I have not tried to engrave without taping first. But I would imagine that it would work fine with the Stencil Ink as long as the engraving is deep enough so that the sanding does not remove the engraved lines.

I may test it when I have some time this week.

(Willy Ivy) #22

Deep engrave is the key to sanding afterward.
If using mask and say one of the insides of a B blows out while engraving, you still have to sand that to make the job right.
That is why I prefer sanding over mask on some work.
I don’t like the cost of the Laser Dark but it works. I have spent way more time and money trying to find something cheaper, same as Cermark. Just figure into the job or just be more proud of the job is ok for me.
As far as infringement goes. I usually purchase the downloads that I use if I can not find them on an advanced google search for images that are not copyrighted, even for commercial use. Put in your google image search, say for example, Harley Davidson logo. After images load, now go to settings, advanced search, put in your filters, go to the bottom of page and click on images ok to use, even for commercial use. I do not use the advanced search for things like tractors, some clip art or animals. Should I? I’m sure that MANY of us are on the infringement border line when it comes to much of the stuff we are creating with our lasers.
BTW, I have been asked to do many engravings on many different materials and objects that I could not take the job because I was worried about the copyrighted logo they wanted.