Easy way to connect a Air Valve (open/close) with Lightburn and OAKEROO Master 2S Max A40640

Hi iam searching for a easy way to connect a Air Valve with Lightburn and my Oakeroo Master 2S Max A4060.
At the moment i Use the Lightburn Testversion for the Laser.
I will do Lasercutting and the Air should start shortly before the Lasercut starts and the Air should end shortly after the End of cutting can you please help me for it?
Which License and Hardware do I need?

Thank you all

The Lightburn GCode license would work with that system, but, if the motherboard is the same as the NEJE branded version (and I suspect it is), as far as I know, there is no hardware output that is supported by official firmware that will control an air assist valve. You have to turn the air on and off manually.

I have an NEJE Master 2S Plus with a 30W module.

Yes i think its not possible to connect a valve directly with laser. But which Hardware do i need to make it possible to connect a valve with lightburn?


I could be wrong, but, as far as I know, LB has not provided any hooks to trigger any hardware other than through direct commands to the Laser Controller board. It would be a great feature, but not there yet.

I haven’t done it but perhaps you could tie-in to the fan connectors to trigger an air solenoid whenever the fan came on. Timing with that would be pretty close to what you’re after.

Good suggestion. Worth trying.

Aaah Thank you for your idea i will try it and inform you here if it works :slightly_smiling_face:


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I don’t know if this helps at all, but the way we’re setting things up here is both the laser and the air-pump are plugged into a power bar. Instead of using the laser ‘on/off’ switch, it is left on. We now use the power bar switch, and when it is turned on, the air-pump is turned on at the same time. So whenever the laser is on, the pump is supplying air too.

Same/same for the extraction fan as well. So technically, 3 things are plugged into the one power-bar.

your actual mother board can’t do it
how many cable have you from the mother bord to the laser module ?
do you have any knowledge of electronics ? if yes you can do it whit 2 or 3 transistor, resistance, condensator and one relay.

you need the power supply and the PWM for the laser all impulse off the laser add time befor ending the aire assist
the mus important is to know the maximum ending time you need

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