Echec du transfert Lightburn 1.4.00 (Failed to transfer Lightburn 1.4.00)

Le laser refuse toute connection, que ce soit USB ou affiche systématiquement la machine est peut-être occupée soit en pause.

The laser refuses any connection, whether USB or Ethernet. It systematically displays the machine may be busy or paused.

How have you chosen to connect with the Engraver?
You may find more stable communication by running ethernet from the engraver to your router, switch or ‘firewall’.

If you are communicating directly through the USB port, the HP Computer may need the FTDI driver.

I use a Laptop and connect it directly to the engraver.

It used to work with the USB cable but doesn’t work anymore. It says that the engraver is already busy or in pause.

It send the same message when connected with the ethernet port

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