Echo: Unknown command: *gcode with a typo*

Hi there,

I am experiencing some issues where my controller (BTT Octopus V1.1 running marlin) is not recognizing some commands.
My guess is a problem with the serial connection (EMI or something). But the baud rate is already on 9600 (both in lightburn and the controller itself), the USB cable is around 30 cm (shielded with aluminum foil), and no HV wire are close to the controller itself (there are some wires from the controller that run close to the HV wires. don’t know if that is the problem).
Do any of you know what could be the cause and or a fix?

I would reconfirm baud rate And try a different usb cable

Seems you losing data in between or it getting corrupted
I would try Baud rate first

checked it and they both are at 9600.
and i got a high quality cable on order that can reach up to 10 gbps.

also, how would you test the reliability of the connection?
it usually only gives an error while cutting (ruining the job) and it wastes a lot of material and time…

seems very low but uncertain on your controller
115200 is rougly the common value

Amazon basics are good, however let me ask. do the errors happen randomly or at specific places?
Coudl be you have nearby a bigger appliance that might be starting/stopping and throwing EMF.
Fans, fridges and alikes are notorious for that

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