Edge Offset Ezacad / Lightburn

Hello guys, I’m migrating from Ezcad and I can’t find the hatch configuration equivalent to “Edge offset” in Lighbutn, can you help me?

I think this is what you want… I don’t run windows, so I don’t know much about EZCad software.

From what I can tell you want the offset tooloffset-iconicon or Tools → Offset shapes.

The Lightburn documentation…

If you have issues, sing out…

Good luck


Thanks for the answer, this tool does the job, but if it had this in the fill settings it would be great for us, if I’m not mistaken there is something similar that is enabled for diode machines, I saw it on the forum, I still need to find out

If you are referring to ‘Offset fill’ then that is available for Galvo’s. However that is not the same as ‘offset shapes’

Thanks for the answer. As you said, the offset fill is a similar feature but not the same, as the recording of the edges is not reduced inwards. Is there a plan to put this function as in EzCad?

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