Edit a line segment numerically

Lets assume I’ve created a tabbed box with a 3mm material thickness.

This creates notches a specific depth of 3mm.

Now lets say I my material now is 3.2mm I cannot find a practical way to adjust just the dimensions I need. For example just select an line and numerically change it

No such feature exists at this point. You could create a 3.2mm box (or several of them) and weld them in:

Draw a 3.2 mm box over the existing 3mm tab (you can set exact dimensions in the toolbar):

After welding:

Ultimately though what you’re trying to do is a lot more like CAD, and we’re just not there yet.

Hi Bret,
I scale 3.2mm plywood up by 6.5%, whole item. The whole item becomes 0.39mm larger, in most cases it is not a problem. It is incredibly easy to transfer a 3mm design to 3.2mm in this way

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Or just use an awesome tool and make a new and even better box! :slight_smile:


I have something like that, but I usually have made a lot of modifications to the generated box

That’s what I’ve been doing just hoping there was a better option

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