Edit imported .ai file in Lightburn?

If a file/path is imported from an illustrator .ai file, can it be edited/modified in LB?

Can’t seem to find a way to do it :wink:

Yes. You should just go to node edit in LB. What have you tried that isn’t working? Maybe post a screenshot of the AI file in LB too.

Seems i can node-edit the triangle but not the design?

You may need to ungroup it before node editing.

Nope - not grouped at all, its just two paths.

Seems one has nodes and the other has none?

Not to call you a liar or anything, but just to double check, the one here on the left is grouped, and the right one is not. You can see a difference in the way the lines are displayed.

Grouping will definitely keep you from node editing.

Also, there are more than 2 paths.

You’ve got it!

It seems the group/ungroup buttons did not work - if i select all then use menu ungroup it works.

Odd but at least it works, many thanks.

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Are you sure? The shapes may have been grouped more than one level deep in the source file.

Usually i find if its grouped, i click to select and the un-group button lights up, this time it didn’t but the ungroup option in the menu was enabled and worked.

I did get an update today, not tried the same file with that yet.

Is there a way to delete nodes?

Enter ‘Node Edit’ mode, hover over a node and hit the ‘D’ key. https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/CreatingNewVectors.md#node-editing-tool-


Brilliant, bookmarked that page.

Gotta love Lightburn :wink:

Point the mouse at the Edit Nodes button and press F1. (We’ve bookmarked it for you)


100% brilliant!

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