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LightBurn does a great job pulling importing a jpeg and then tracing it. But not perfect and now I want to clean it up but can not figure out how to get it to a point I can edit, like in edit nodes mode. Is it possble>>

Yes it is possible, just ungroup the vector image then select the vector you want to edit and click the node edit tool.


just a word of caution. the editing of nodes and vectors in Lightburn right now is not mature.

you won’t be able to do much of what other vector programs can do.

it doesn’t have the controls that we need. things like : lasso a group of nodes and delete them is not yet possible. bézier curves are not implemented. etc.

I’m sure it’s on the roadmap to be improved. But to avoid frustration, you may wish to consider doing your vector work in a different program.

Thanks for the feedback, I did not recognize that the shape was grouped. As for editing nodes, I hope improvements are in the pipeline. It really surprised me there was not a Curve or arc on the drawing toolbar. I see you have to go to node edit as a workaround and I can live with that for now but it is a disappointment. A lot to learn but most impressed with the software so far.

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I’m not sure what’s led you to conclude this, but it’s incorrect. You can convert a line to a smooth curve by hitting S with the cursor over the line, and you can convert a corner point to a smooth point by hitting S with the cursor over the point. Hitting L while hovering over a curve will convert it back to a line. All of these keys are in the documentation.

You are correct about multi-node editing - It’s not implemented yet, but it’s on the roadmap.

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thanks for clarifying that, Oz

yes i do use that fuction, and it works.

What i was really trying to say was that if you auto-trace a slightly curved line, you will end up with hundreds of nodes which are difficult to reduce to one curve of a couple of bezier nodes. not impossible. just difficult at the moment.

We love Lightburn and have every confidence that it will continue to improve.

thanks for the great software and all the rapid updates.


When doing the trace, you can show the nodes, and adjust the “optimize” and “smoothness” values - it will generate curves, and auto-reduce them there.

that’s a good tip

thanks Oz

You’re generally right about the node editing though - it’s good for smaller edits, but not great for large jobs, and it is certainly something I want to address in future versions.

Hopefully my original response didn’t sound like I was offended or anything - wasn’t intended that way at all, just correcting you in case you honestly didn’t know those functions were there.

no problem Oz, my post was not accurate, so needed correcting

i know that you have a tireless approach to improvements in Lightburn. We’re all in awe of you, and your abilities.

It would be unfair of us to expect a full “Adobe Illustrator” set of tools inside the program.

not just yet, anyway


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All these replies have been helpful, no equivication in that statement. As you make the transition from one software to another you are stuck with some paradigms that make it hard to understand the new approaches. I am associated with a Maker Space with a fairly large group of new adopters in the pipeline. The old software did some things with curves that were nice but trust me it was nowhere near as good as Lightburn has demonstrated. We are excited to make the change to this new software and also glad that it appears there is a good development team behind it.
PS…more rookie questions to come!

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