Edit Interior Angles of a Shape?

Is there a way in Lightburn to create a triangle by designating the degrees of 3 interior angles which add up to 180? If not, might that be a helpful new feature?

Example: Let’s say I want a 20-70-90 triangle . . . could that be accomplish in Lightburn?

Say for example, in the Shape Properties Menu, given the number of sides, there would be the same number of fields as the number of sides.

Those could be automatically populated with equal angles to create a “regular” polygon – but then also edited and SET so as to create an irregular polygon – allowing one to change the other angles without changing the one(s) already edited – but so that the sum of the interior angles together add up to what is appropriate for that polygon, e.g. triangle=180, quadrilateral=360, pentagon=540, etc…

That sounds like something bordering on the parametric, if not already immersed in it. I’ve forgotten all my high school trig, but if I had to do as you reference, I’d pull up Solvespace and create an appropriate polygon, then assign the angles necessary to make it work.

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Yes, but Lightburn has spoiled me. I expect it to be able to do EVERYTHING! :slight_smile:

And besides that, we have to keep, Oz, Rick, Jeff – and whatever other genius developer dwarves at Lightburn – on their toes, keeping them challenged so that they don’t get bored.

The suggestion about using Solvespace is also helpful - so I appreciate it.

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