Edit machine settings "communication with controller failed"

I have a GRBL v1.1z based ATMEGA328 Arduino that uses a “Bachinmaker” Nano 3axis controller. I manually created the device with GRBL-M3 as the controller.

Through my Arduino IDE I can get a GRBL prompt and dump the configuration using $$ after connecting through wchusbserial1420 at 115200 baud. However, in Lightburn, when I go Edit->Machine Settings it reports “communication with controller failed.”

I also tried GRBL (no M3) and the same result occured. What’s a good way to diagnose and resolve this problem?

edit - baud rate

I’ve never heard of a 1.1z version so I assume this is a fork made by Bachinmaker.

Does Bachinmake offer something beyond what normal CNC shields provide? If not, I’d suggest trying to load standard GRBL 1.1.

Release v1.1h (2019-08-25) Release · gnea/grbl · GitHub

Or if you’re only using 2 axes I’d suggest loading LaserGRBL’s binary:
Flashing Grbl Firmware – LaserGRBL

It’s likely that Bachinmaker’s modifications have broken the expected response signal that’s being expected by LightBurn.

One thing you might want to try before doing that is to enable “DTR Signal” in Device Settings.

Also, you definitely want to be on GRBL, not GRBL-M3 which is designed for GRBL 1.1e or older.

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Looks like Bachinmaker offers nothing new; I found a page by them on how to flash with GRBL too.

I have a mac so I had to follow the GRBL instructions (e.g. use the Arduino IDE) along with your suggestion to use GRBL only (not M3).

After flashing with GRBL 1.1h, I can get data back after running $$, the greeting prompt says GRBL 1.1h and the Machine Settings dialog returns control configuration data. Thanks!

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