Edit one rectangle hole and apply to all 64 in a chess board

making a chessboard, the pieces stab into 64 holes ( actually rectangles). I need to change just the height of the rectangle holes. How to do that without individually changing each one. Tried grouping, ungrouping, can’t scale because it throws board into a rectangle instead of a square (since I only need to change one dimension of holes) Is there way to edit one rectangle and apply to all?

I’m not sure I’m understanding your exact scenario but I suspect you may be able to do what you’re describing by selecting all the holes and then changing the dimensions using the Shape Properties window.

However, if the rectangles need to be adjacent to each other this won’t work by itself.

Can you post your Lightburn file here?

There is a way to do this.

Resize one of the items that you want to change. Select all the items, selecting the one item you changed last. On the toolbar icon menu you will find 2 icons that say “Make items the same width” or “Make items the same height”. Click on the one you want. Picture of the two icons are below



Damn I just learned a new thing…Thanks for that…

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Very nice feature. Comes in handy. I’ve used this a few times.

I could use this feature right now on some color images!

Another shortcut I use all the time is for aligning objects. Rather than drag or use the top tool bar, first click on the item you want to move, hold shift and click on the item you want the first item aligned to. Then simply press the E key to center along the y axis, T or B keys to align top or bottom. Along the x axis use C to center, R or L for left or right alignment. It’s fast and easy.
To align multiple items this way, highlight everything you want aligned. The last item you click on is the anchor object which everthing else aligns to.

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WONDERFULL! Thought I was going to have to redo whole thing. Took 5 sec :smiley:

Can one use some like technique to COPY and object, example I would like to rotate 64 existing individual rectangles in an existing 12" square field 45 degrees? I drew one rectangle outside the field like I want the rest.

I would also like to know if a group of objects can be rotated within the group rather than as a group.
The only easy way I know of to get the result you’re wanting is to select the one shape you created and use the the array tool to make duplicates in equally spaced rows inside the area of your choosing. The icon for the tool is a block of 9 small squares. Hope this helps.

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Thanks, your suggestion worked great! I just redid it easily with the array command you suggested.

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