Edit Trace Lines

I traced a hand drawn project and instead of it being only 1 line,it’s 2 lines.
I want to cut this out and the pieces must fit together perfectly.
Is there a way to get rid of 1 line yet still be able to cut to a perfect fit?


Ungroup and delete inner lines/shapes.
edit: I would need to see your file as I am better with explaining if I do it first.

LightBurn detects each side of the line as an edge, so you get two curves instead of one.

If you don’t want to do the manual process, you must trace the sketch in a program like Inkscape with a Center Line Trace function, export the result as an SVG, and import it into LightBurn.

Previous discussions that will answer many questions:


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Hopefully center line trace will be added when millmage is launched.

Until then …

Until then it’s delete and node edit as I am to intimidated/software impaired trying to use Inkscape.

If you want to cut each individual shape and reassemble them with tight-fitting tolerances, you are very close with the current trace. I would measure the ‘Kerf’ produces by your laser beam, then ungroup the art. Test adjustment by selecting mating shapes, then use the ‘Offset’ tool to adjust the shape size in-ward or out-ward to produce this snug fit. Once you have that dialed, repeat this offset for the remainder of the shapes.


Before tracing you could Adjust Image to have a better Trace.

Thanks for all your help with this.
I’m still working on it and it looks ;ole I’m in for the long haul! LOL


I tried all of the above and failed at every one.
My desk in grammar school had an ink well that we dipped our pen into so we could write. I guess the digital age is beyond my comprehension!
I refuse to quit and if I ever figure this out I’ll let you all know.
Again,thanks so very much for your time and patience.


Still helpful if you post your file.

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I stayed at it for several hours and finally finished it,

I sure hope it cuts out right!

It´s like a pen. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
( SVG) One with a frame and one without
mount scape
mount scape1

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For snug fitting, I suggest you will need to compensate for the kerf (the gap left after the cut removes material) of your beam.

Kerf Offset

Kerf refers to the thickness or width of a cut made by a cutting tool. The kerf of a laser is much narrower than that of a saw blade, but the extra material removed can interfere with close-fitting parts such as tabbed boxes or inlays.

Can I either copy or download your drawings?

Thanks,I’m familiar with the kerf offset as I have done a few inlays,simple ones.
Everything I’ve read and watched about kerf tells me that I have to do a test for every type and thickness of wood I’m going to use.
Id I did this I would spend the rest of my days just testing for kerfs,and probably run out of expensive veneer too.
Is there a way around this or should I just take an average of the most commonly used veneers?

right click on the pictures, and SAVE as to your computer. They are SVG files.

Thank you,

I don’t want to be a pain in the butt but is there a way to devide the entire drawing into individual pieces?
If I can’t do that I’ll have to cut the entire drawing out of every species of wood veneer and that a total waste of material.
Thanks again,

Check this file. This is an outline trace separated by layers, depending on the final outline size maybe some shapes need node editing.
Mount_scape_outline.lbrn2 (3.1 MB)