Edit Virtual Array

I have a question about virtual arrays and I couldn’t figure out using the software, nor could I find a similar question here in the forum.

My question is about editing the virtual array parameters after you’ve already clicked OK. For example I am creating a series of coins I created a virtual array of one row just to make a test. Then after burning I moved the one row down to get ready for the remainder, but now I needed to increase the rows from 1 to 4.

At this point I couldn’t find a way to edit the virtual array. The array would certainly respond to things like scaling, position, and changing layer parameters, but I could not find any way to edit the virtual array column and row parameters. Did I miss something obvious?

Never mind! I just found the context menu with the entry for editing the array. Move along, nothing to see here. :slight_smile:

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May I ask where you found the editing menu? I am having the same issues. Thanks

Never mind, I guess I had to ask to before I was able to find it.

Good I am glad you got it. For anyone else who needs help, the context menus are generally found by right-clicking on an object. A control-click also works on Mac (not sure about PC equivalent)


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