Edit Word Doc in Lightburn

Can I create/save Text to be used for future burns and can i edit it to create personalized names in that same document? Can i save it to my Art Library?

Based on the wording of your question I’d suggest you take a look at Variable Text. It doesn’t solve it in the way that you’re asking but it may address the type of problem you’re trying to solve for.

Detailed information here:
Variable Text in LightBurn - LightBurn Software Documentation

Here is an example of what I mean:
My dog, Tramp, will be missed.
Then changed for the next person,
My cat, Smokey, will be missed.
The document i have is very long and I need to change his to hers and also change the names.
Can i just copy/paste a word doc onto the lightburn work area?

Not the document itself but you could copy and paste the text of the document.

  1. In word, select text; then copy
  2. In LightBurn, select Text tool, click on Workspace; then paste

If the text is longer, they should be done in a text program with the search and replace function. Save it as text with the formatting you need and copy the different versions into LightBurn from the text program.

Thank you so much! I love lightburn. :slight_smile: I just started using it in Dec and now I’m in the 1.3.01 version.

That’s great to hear, I also (still) love LightBurn and our nice forum, have fun. :blush:

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