Editfield Double Clicking Issue

I’m struggling to find an official area to report bugs ? Most forums (fora :slight_smile: ) have some kind of specific place to do this?
Anyway, this is Mac specific (not having a Windows machine to hand, I can’t confirm if it’s the same on there), double clicking in any of Lightburn’s editfields does not select the whole field contents and you have to resort to triple clicking or even click/drag. Double clicking is the recognised UI standard for this.
Tabbing betwixt fields does select the complete contents strangely ??? (as it should).

A bug would imply not working as intended.

Not certain but the behavior you’re describing seems intentional and I believe has worked this way for a long time. Double-click will select the whole left or right of the decimal position. This is useful if you want to change one without the other. Triple-clicking selects the entirety of the field.

Changing this would reduce functionality in order to save a click.

Mmm, really not in agreement with changing GUI standards that have been so since dirt ? Bit like swapping the clutch and accelerator pedals just for the sake of it. AFAIC it’s a bug and not a feature as you suggest :slight_smile:
There are other traditional GUI ways to implement what you are suggesting.

You say this but I can’t actually think of any application that works in the way that you describe. Keeping in mind that the condition is that the field contents must contain a separator like comma or period. In all other similar contexts I’m aware of a double-click will only select one component of the number.

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