Editing a crest - editing tools advice

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any suggestions on how to break this apart to change the word sheriff to another word, or change any of the other text? Also, could you lead me in the right direction to adjust this image so that the pelican would be nice and crisp when I laser this? This is a png file.

2 strategies for this:

  1. “erase” the words in a bitmap editing program by coloring in the wording with the background color. This would be fairly easy in any of the common editors. MS Paint, paint.net, Photoshop, Gimp, photopea.com
  2. Trace the bitmap to convert it into a vector image. Having it in vector format would be the most flexible as you could change it as you like. You can do this directly in LightBurn or do it in an outside program like Inkscape, Illustrator, etc.

In either of the approaches above you would benefit from having a higher resolution version of the image. The attached file is very low resolution unless you were planning to burn this very small. To have clarity in the pelican you’d want to make sure you have very crisp and distinct lines in the design and contrast with the surrounding area. The cream color background color will likely result in an attempt to engrave that area at a low setting. You might have better luck leaving those areas unburned.

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