Editing an Array

Hi there,

I’m fairly new at this awesome software and I have tried to do as much research as I could before posting this question as I couldn’t find the answer (probably it’s obvious how to do it however I can’t find it…)

Anyhow, I’ve made an array on my project and I’d like to modify it however I can’t find how as there is no time line as you could see on Fusion360 for example.

I’m using LB 0.9.21 on Mac.

Thank you very much in advance.

Unfortunately, you cannot edit “finished” arrays, not with the array function itself.

Not yet anyways :wink: This is actively being worked on.
@nachetejr When you make an array now it’s effectively an automatic copy/paste of the initially selected shapes into the grid you specify. But those new shapes are, in fact, distinct objects and no longer linked to the original in anyway. This will change in an upcoming release. No ETA yet - I have the basics of it all working, just needs polish and testing. So probably the next major release.


Thanks @bernd.dk I’ll stop looking for it then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hope they’ll incorporate the “timeline” feature of all the steps you do on editing.


Thanks @adammhaile

I guess that even if it would be a virtual array it still can’t be edited eh?

Keep up this awesome work!

No, once that feature is out you will absolutely be able to edit. There will be two modes: Virtual and legacy.
Legacy mode will be identical to now.
Virtual mode will simply “tag” the shapes that you selected initially to tell the system to repeat those shapes in the specified pattern. You will be able to move, scale, rotate, node edit, etc. the original shapes and that will be reflected in the virtual copies in real time. These virtual copies are rendered slightly differently so that you know they are virtual and they cannot be edited directly.
You will also be able to add to and remove from shapes on any virtual array as well as “flatten” the array so that you can individually edit those shape copies.

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