Editing an Image Question

I am attempting to get an image of a three trunked palm tree ready to burn on the head stock of a guitar kit for my dad. However, when I look at the preview, it shows the space between two of the trunks filled in and not open as it should be.



What am I missing?

First off, in the preview check “Shade According to Power” to see if that black space is just travel space, if it is travel space it will show up as red lines area. If it real way to image that area, you will probably need to do some “Edit Nodes” work and then some boolean operations to subtract that space between the pal trees.
Obviously- test on something other than the guitar!

Put the blue shape on the same layer as the rest of the palm trees.

Layers don’t affect each other. By putting the middle piece on a different layer, you likely removed it from the red layer, removing the hole.

Also, if this is for a guitar, and you have one shot, I’d strongly recommend just using ‘Fill’, not ‘Offset Fill’. Offset Fill is going to leave weird patterning in the engraved areas because of the wildly varying speed.

You need to edit the pic so that there is a gap between the two touching leaves, it can be as small as you want it, that will open the closed vector (blue) which wont be able to be filled.

Thank you for all of your input. I only had the different layers because I was trying to separate the blue layer and have it run as a Line and not a Fill hoping to get it to be not filled in. I see the spot that I need to make separate and tried the Adjust Nodes tool, and I was able to move the lines around but cannot seem to get a gap between the two palm trees. How do I edit the image to create a gap?


Thanks for the tip regarding Fill vs. Offset Fill, I will make sure to pay attention to that as well.

Can you upload the .lbrn file for review? It’s not apparent what you’re seeing.

DadsGuitar.lbrn2 (42.6 KB)
Here it is.

You have duplicate shapes that are conflating things.

Go to Edit->Delete duplicates and accept the deletion. That should resolve the issue.

DadsGuitar2.lbrn2 (64.0 KB)

Leaves seperated

Thank you!

Deleting Duplicates did solve the issue! Thank you.

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