Editing lines in project, first time


Tried to serach for this, but im not sure if i use the right words.

I want to adjust the circeled gap to be 3 mm because i will try to use a 3 mm plate when cutting.
Now the gap is 6 mm.

I press Ctrl-A and then Alt-B.
Then i mark the short line on the tree to the left and change the width to 3 mm.
Then take the long lines on both sides and move them to the 3 mm line i just made.
And then i go to the bottom and stretch the horizontal to the vertical line i just moved to fill in the gap.
And will zoom in all the way to see that there is no gap after modifing the lines thet can mess up the cutting.

Is there an easier way to do this? :slightly_smiling_face:

First time for me preparing to do some cutting.

Thanks in advance

I don’t know of an easier way to do this… If you scale it it scales the whole ‘object’ Once it’s ‘broken’ you may be able to change the dimension that way. Select the three parts and then change their size. The object width and height is in the top left near the aspect lock.

Good luck


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I selected the 3 parts an set the width to 3 mm. Worked perfect, thanks.
And then i just draged the lines at the bottom towards the 3 mm gap i made.
Did not think of selecting all 3 parts at the same time.

Thanks for a good tip :smile:

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