Editing multiple circles

I am working on a PC Board design that I imported as SVG from KiCad. I’ve been increasing trace sizes and adjusting thru-holes, however they are a variety of sizes and I’d like to be able to select them all (there’s about 60) and change them all to the same dimensions. Unfortunately when I click on more than one the dimensions at the top change to the size of the area they are contained in. I’m looking for a good way to click them all and resize them all to the same dimensions. I’m running v1.1.04 so I’m hoping I’m just missing an option somewhere. Thanks.

You may be able to use the “Make selected items same width/height” buttons in the Arrange toolbar.


  1. Select all objects
  2. Push the relevant button(s)
  3. Resize as necessary

From what I can tell it will match all objects to the smallest one selected so you’ll need to work around that.

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The last selected object will be the reference size. An easy to accomplish the objective is to select all, then de-select the reference item, then re-select the reference item. I just tested that concept and it works.


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