Editing my gcode

In an earlier post I stated I had issues with using lightburn with my Acorn controller, in that the Acorn uses M37 m38 to turn on and off the laser vs using m3 m5 or alternatively recognizing the g0 to move without laser output and g1 to move with. I have been posting my code with the Marlin gcode option. To adapt this to the Acorn I am having to find and replace m3 with M37 carriage return line feed (old typewriter term) and add another line to set the power level with my S command (will not work on one line). It was suggested to use Notepad++ to do this and according to the documentation it will, but the \n does not create the new line of text and my controller asks “what the heck are you trying to feed me?” What am I doing wrong? How do I change one line of code to 2 (or more) when I now have to do this several hundred times in one of my engraving designs?

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