Editing nodes without keyboard shortcuts?

Wondering if it possible to change the way we edit nodes in light burn. it works reasonably well the way it is set up but may not be intuitive to new users. it is also kind of painful having to use and remember all the keyboard shortcuts.

The way inkskape and other CAD programs go about it, there would be a button for each action. one for smooth, trim, extend, ect…

when you want to trim lines, choose the trim command, while in the edit node command, and trim away. just by clicking the lines it would trim to the next intersection.

if this isn’t possible, maybe when the edit node command is chosen, there could be a list of hot key commands that show up? and if that isn’t possible, maybe just update the tool tip when you hoover over the command and it will display the hot key commands.

Loving the software, hands down the best out there for laser control!


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