Efficiency with Image Mode

I have a Laguna Laser 150W Rudia
What would be the most efficient and quality way to engrave my pet portraits? If I trace the image and do a fill, would I still get the details? Or do I engrave it as an image and use “threshold”? I read about each Image mode and am still unsure which one would be best. I also have to do a cut line around the image. How do I get the cut line to show on top of the image and not below it? I tried pushing it to the front and that didn’t work.
I included an image for reference. I tried uploading the file, but it’s showing that it’s too large. Thank you in advance.

If it’s a black & white image with no grayscale then I’d engrave as an image using Threshold mode.

To move your cut line you can select the layer that it’s on and use the little up/down arrows on the right side of the Cuts/Layers window to move that layer up or down.

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Hank has good advise. There are other options such as a dither. Most of what you are asking is a difficult question since you haven’t mentioned what you’re engraving on. The techniques are vastly different from, say wood to stone.

I love the artwork… If you’re on google, you can upload you file to your ‘google’ drive. Right click on the image on the drive. Click ‘get link.’ When the link window comes up, set the permissions to ‘anyone with the link’. Post the link here :smiley_cat:

I have 4 cats, 1 is solid black, one black and white and a brindle dog, they are tough to get to do much.

I engrave at about 10 to 13% power on my China blue (50 watts). At what point, percentage wise does your laser actually lase? I.E. lowest power that you can consistently use. If I can engrave at 10% that’s about 5 watts, with your laser 10% would be 15 watts. If that’s 3 times what you need, it may be a problem.

Good luck be waiting for a report back, with images :smiley_cat:

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Thank you for your help. Wood is what I am using. After running a bunch of tests, Atkinson turned out much nicer than threshold.

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