Egg Shapes Method Wanted

Is there a way to create egg shapes in Laserburn from scratch (not tracing over imported image)? Preferably single line.

…this kind?

Ctrl/cmd + E (E as egg) :wink:

To Create an Egg Shape.
Circle Tool (circle or Ellipse)
Then Click on the Select tool , select the circle (ellipse)
Then Right click on this and convert to a Pathway.
Then Command/Ctrl + ` (Backquote , under the ESC on same key as the Tilde)

This will bring up the Anchors and the handles that allow you to modify the pathway.

If your not familiar with this I’d suggest a you tube video or ten to learn about how the handles can change an anchors effect on the pathway, Enjoy.

I really enjoy reading these request on here. I tried this and it works great. My lesson of the day. Thanks. Best way to learn how this programme works is to try these things for your self even if you don’t have an immediate use for it, it’s worth learning for future use.

Thanks. This will work. I later discovered i just needed to add a few eggstra nodes to stretch it for a fatter shape at one end.

I’m a bit new with Lightburn and you’ll probably be seeing a few more question from me.

Here are some egg shapes -

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