El láser no respeta los límites X e Y

Tengo un láser Atomstack s10 pro, lo utilizo con el programa Ligthburn. Hoy dejó de respetar los límites de los ejes X e Y. Necesito saber cuál puede ser el problema y cómo solucionarlo

I have an Atomstack s10 pro laser, I use it with the Lightburn program. Today it stopped respecting the limits of the X and Y axes. I need to know what the problem could be and how to fix it

That model has auto-home functionality?

Home the laser, then go to your LightBurn>Window>Console, and enter these commands, one line at a time, and press “enter” after each:


Copy/paste the results back here please.

Check that your ‘Working Size’ is correct for your laser x and enable the ‘out of bounds’ warning:


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