Elegoo PHECDA config file for LightBurn

I recently received an Elegoo PHECDA laser and purchased a license for LightBurn to use with it. I was able to find a configuration file for LightBurn as required during the initial setup of the application. It was kindly provided to me by someone with access to a Facebook group for this laser where it was shared, and I thought I would provide a link to it here assuming that other new recipients of this device may find it here, rather than having to go hunting for it.

ELEGOO PHECDA lightburn configuration.lbdev (2.6 KB)


I have started a material library in LightBurn based on the following material settings spreadsheet provided by Elegoo:

Elegoo PHECDA 20W.clb (10.8 KB)

Please note: this only includes the material settings for the 20W version of the laser, with the exception of “A4 Paper” for which I just halved the max power for some initial test cuts. If there’s any interest I will create another library file for the 10W device. Suggestions for further materials to add would be appreciated, and feel free to note any errors or improvements you’d suggest as I am new to laser cutting and engraving.