Elegoo Phecda Laser not burning

Hi, I have just received an Elegoo Phecda 20w and am learning the basics. I have been able to run test pieces using LaserGRBL but when I try to do the same via Lightburn, even though I have the power set to 100%, it is clearly at probably 1% as it isn’t engraving at all. Anyone know what’s wrong?

Hi Kevin, could you do a screenshot of your settings and upload.
Makes it easier to figure out what’s going wrong.
Someone will get to you asap. :+1:

Hi Chris, hopefully these two shots cover it, any help appreciated

You do realize you are trying to run a diode laser at 150,000 mm per minute?
It will never go that fast, but you need to slow it WAY down.

Switch to mm/min. and to 2000 speed at 50 power just to try it.
Then do a material test.

I do now! Thanks Mike, that’s sorted that out. I was simply copying the quick start video on youtube.

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