Eleks Master compatibility

Hi there, before i buy the software, i would like to know if it will work wit my Eleks Master V3.2 15w blue laser


There is a 30 day fully functional free trial available at https://lightburnsoftware.com Just install it and see if it will work with your machine before buying it.

Yes, we have many Eleks users working with LightBurn. We have seen this machine ships with an older version of grbl so go with the GRBL-M3 (1.1e or earlier) device in LightBurn. Ideally, you would upgrade to GRBL 1.1f and then use just the GRBL device.

Here is another resource for the Eleks setup.


As another member previously posted, “Scroll down to the bottom “operating instructions” and follow that. Once you have it working in elekscam, it should work in lightburn. Follow the instructions to the letter and that will get you up and running…”

Ok , thx for the Intel, i will looking in to it. Ones I’ve tried it i will let you know

Ok thx, i will try it

ok …i found a way to update to grbl1.1f…by mistake …haha
Open eleksmaker software folder , there is a hex file already…now here it comes…copy the hex file from grbl 1.1f and place it in folder eleksmaker and rename it to the original elek file.
Start eleksmaker and choose the right machine, a dos windows is opening and inject the new hex file…Et voila… upgrade to 1.1 .
Opened lightburn and checked it .
Bingo $31 $32 … all the settings are there. Tested a burn file and it works.
Only little problem y and x are invert, cant get it right even with setting .

Sow now the issue remains to get the laser moving in the right directions.
In Machine settings I can invert the movement but still inverted .
Are there other settings ore possibilities? Maybe another grbl hex file ?

Where do you have the ‘Machine Origin’ set?

Do you have any macros set in LightBurn? What do they do?

This is good to review as it covers many of the issues you are having. https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/CommonGrblSetups.md#common-grbl-setups

Hi, problem solved, thx for the informations, just have to look around in the settings for speed and power for each materials, enny input ?

LightBurn does not currently provide ‘pre-set’ configurations for a given material as we support many different laser systems, requiring different settings to accomplish the same tasks.

You can build your own and save them in the ‘Materials Library’ and then apply those settings with a single click.


Have a look at this for greater details: https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/MaterialLibrary.md#material-library

Thx , I wil looking in to it

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