EleksMaker A3 2500mw firmware problem, help please

Hi! I have an EleksMaker A3 2500mw and using Lightburn software. I did an firmware upgrade through t2laser from 1.1e to 1.1f mega2560 and now my lovely machine stop working on y axis and the x axis work only one way. I have tried to update de firmware la 1.1e but without succes allways hitting an error. Please help me to return to 1.1e and make my machine work again. Thank you in advance.
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I bought Lightburn for almost a year and had no problems until I upgraded to version 0.9.07. At this version I had to upgrade to firmware from 1.1e to 1.1f, I read on the Linghtbrm forum that I had to upgrade to T2 laser firmware I have windows 10 pro, 1.1f firmware. Now it does not work X axis and Y axis only in one way
Thank you Mihai

Hi ! After many searches I found on the endurancelaser a solution, tomorrow I will work on the firmware. For me laser work is a hobby and I really like it. http://endurancelasers.com/firmware-using-arduino/ This is the site where we found the solution.
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