Eleksmaker laser cutter camera


ive been using lightburn trial with my eleksmaker laser cutter. i am actually blown away with the interface and the ease of use this software has. i see you can add a camera in order to get spot on cutting.

my question is will any camera work for example a 5mp webcam? or does it have to be a specific one. also my laser cutter has no lid to open or close, if i was to make a stand that holds the camera thats points down like a birds eye view will this work?


The camera has to be in a fixed position relative to the focus plane of the laser (the workspace). If you can guarantee that, and your system has homing enabled, you should be ok.

Currently any camera will work, but won’t necessarily give you the best possible capture resolution because of a limitation in the framework LightBurn is built with. The next release fixes this.

We are currently testing internally a version with the low-level camera library completely replaced with one written from scratch. This code should allow the use of any USB camera, not just ours, and will automatically choose the highest resolution supported by the camera.

Yes, the camera needs to be a fixed distance from the focused cutting surface, so you would need to sort that.

thanks for your replies. haha you’r going to have to forgive me, i am new to this but what do you mean by homing? how do i enable it.

in terms of the stand, i have been reading online that you have to work out a distance, will this also apply to me as the laser will always be in a fixed position. i have a 600x600 built laser cutter however the max we ever cut is 300 x 300 no bigger and we do not plan on. how do i go about working the height out for this then?

in terms of webcam say it is 5 mp or 12mp will this still be no good

many thanks

Read here: https://github.com/gnea/grbl/wiki/Set-up-the-Homing-Cycle

Without homing & homing switches, the camera can’t work - it needs a repeatable frame of reference.

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