Eliminate a layer on a jpeg

I have jpeg from a customer and I need to take out the white background. otherwise it engraves the square and the artwork

Thank you

I think you have a few options in this case:

  1. Get a cleaner and higher version of the file. This one is very low resolution and has a lot of noise. That is why you’re seeing some parts of the “white” show up in the engraving. If the white was a true white this wouldn’t occur.
  2. Get a version of the file with a transparent background in PNG format.
  3. As @killrob has mentioned, you could attempt to trace the image but I think you’ll have subpar results without a lot of hand-editing due to the low quality of the starting image.
  4. Because the logo is a circle you could easily create a circle in LIghtBurn and then apply an image mask to eliminate the noisy background.
  5. Depending on the look you are going for you could potentially use a different image mode and adjust the image enough to get an acceptable result. Again, not ideal.

If you can get a vector version of the logo (SVG, AI, etc.) that would probably be ideal and give you the most flexibility. The logo almost certainly originated in a vector format.

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… as always, fast and elegant solutions :+1:

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I found a higher res image on the internet. Couldn’t find a vector PDF.

Thank you all. A quick trace in LightBurn work in this case.

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