Emblaser 2 laser calibration

Cannot get my laser to create any lines on the calibration card using the LightBurn laser calibration tool. The beam seems to be very large and will not make a mark on the paper. Z-axis movement is fine. Any ideas?

Sounds like your laser beam is out of focus. You should only have a small dot. If your beam is large, it won’t mark at all.

That’s what I figured but I don’t know how to go about focusing it. My machine is an emblaser 2 and the laser won’t fire with the lid open. Any way to manually focus the beam?

Having the lens upside-down might throw you off.

This may be worth review:

It’s interesting to see the custom Emblaser (Darkly Labs) menu.

Thanks, JohnJohn… I will check and see if the orientation is correct.

In case anyone else comes across this issue on an Emblaser: It appears that the Collimation Lens has become de-tuned. This is very rare and will unfortunately require servicing to resolve.

I recommend contacting the place of purchase, or Darkly Labs directly, who can assist in identifying a solution as we have done in this situation.

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