Emblaser 2 will not respond to Play command

Hi All. I’m a newbie at a secondary school and we have 2 Emblaser 2 machines. One is working fine but the other will do everything except respond to the play command. It responds to Frame and the laser turns on. I have assigned it so I am really confused as to what I am doing wrong. Have I missed something? There was a problem with the licence at one stage. Is it possible that someone has put the software on as a trial instead of entering the licence key? Would this prevent it from playing?

Thanks heaps.

This is unlikely a license issue. You wouldn’t be able to open LightBurn if the license was not activated.

Can you take a full screenshot from LightBurn with the job setup and ready to go, just before pushing the play button?

Can you confirm also that the Preview looks correct before pushing the Play button? If so, can you also push the Save gcode button and save to a file with a .txt extension. Then upload the gcode file here please.

Ok, so I shut down Lightburn and restarted. It asked for the Licence key so I put in the key and everything now works perfectly. My guess is that someone couldn’t be bothered typing the key in so chose free trial instead. thanks heaps for your reply.

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Nice. Even with trial license, though, it should still work. Either way, sounds like it’s sorted.

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