Emblaser Core unable to connect to Lightburn

Hi Brains trust.

I’ve used my Emblaser Core for a few years now. And this is a first for me.

While running Lightburn, I can’t connect to my Emblaser Core.
I usually connect via USB, and even when adding new device, and using the “Find my Laser” option, nothing is found.

In my laser tab, all the shows is “Disconnected” in status.
In Consol tab, it simply says “waiting for connection…”
Changing port in Laser tab does not improve anything.

And here’s the curve ball, in the Camera Control tab, my camera feed shows up and displays a live working feed.

Lightburn 1.1.04
Windows 10 (update: 2022-06 V 21H2 x64)
Dell Alienware R11

Yes I’ve tried the basics;

  • turning laser and computer off and on
  • using different USB ports
  • Turning Virus software on and off

Generally when this occurs you have a driver issue. I’m not a windows person, so I can’t help you much here. Can you tell what USB it’s using? Unplug it, look at the list in windows and plug it back in. Note the ‘new’ entry.

Sounds like have been connected to it before, but I’d check the forum for others and/or drivers for windows.

I always wonder when I see “The Emblaser Core comes with a version of LightBurn specifically designed for the Emblaser range.” from a manufacturer.

I’d have to assume Lightburn works with that hardware…


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