Emblazer 2 shifted in X and Y after Lightburn upgrade to 1.1.03

I have not used my Emblazer 2 in a few weeks but had upgraded Lightburn in the meantime.
I just tried to cut some plywood and found that the image on the screen is shifted with respect to the X and Y significantly by several centimeters. I checked that the origin of the machine is still in the correct location. It seems as though there is now an offset between the zero shown on the Lighburn coordinates screen and the zero point of the machine. I pulled up an old file from the last time I cut something and it is also shifted. How do I get the software and the machine to recognize the same origin? I don’t see any calibration procedure that aligns this?

Can you confirm that the Emblaser 2 uses a GRBL Controller?

I can think of 3 scenarios that would cause this type of behavior:

  1. You have a laser offset configured in Device Settings
  2. You have a work offset configured in GRBL
  3. You’re using user origin

Check for 1 and 3 and confirm their state. For 2 can you run these commands in Console post a homing operation and report back?


It looks like I was in User coordinates instead of absolute coordinates. I don’t ever change them, so they must have been changed by the upgrade process. The machine goes to home and origin fine. Now it shows the object to be cut in the correct position. Thanks for helping.

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