Emulating the tutorial (new Bee)

I learn better if I can duplicate what the moderator in the tutorial is doing . I have a second screen on my computer where I can follow along step by step. I would like to try the “cutting a single project larger than the laser bed using the pass thru door’s” . Where can I find the Mermaid file?

The Mermaid file was purchased here: https://apexembdesigns.com/cuttables/cuttables

Thank you . Turns out my wife who, is very heavy into embroidery and vinyl has a account with them and, already had the file . I’m following along with the video and , the only area I am having trouble with is splitting the image. I can cut one side but not the other or, on another try I was not able to get the all the image to cut. But, I have not given up on it. I am getting a better understanding of the software by following along with the video.

That’s a relatively advanced project for a new user. I would recommend starting with the “Simple Project” in our new documentation, here: https://lightburnsoftware.github.io/NewDocs/SimpleProject.html as well as the pages leading up to that, as they cover selection, movement, and a few other important bits.

Then the QR code project would be another good one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPyIuLlcuIE

Thank you for your response. My first project last month was the QR code and, as probably with everyone I believe I over burned it a little ( it works though). Since then I have been experimenting with etching pictures on wood and glass. The wood turned out OK I guess but, I need a wood with less grain and, to eliminate the background. My attempts with glass is giving some so/so results. I decided to take a break from all that to get a better understanding of the software by following some more of the online tutorials . MY biggest problem with the mermaid project is centering one object inside another (moving the mermaid into the 36 x 12 box). I can select the 36 x 12 box . When I attempt to select the mermaid to drag it into the box , it releases the box . I end up having to drag the mermaid to the box and expand it to fit. Also, after drawing the cut lines and, placing the registration marks I can separate one side of the box but not the other . Also with some attempts it leaves some of the mermaid but separates the rest. It gets frustrating but !, I am learning the software . I must be missing a key stroke or something (note I am using a mac I do have a window’s computer but, prefer the mac).
Again thank you for your help.
P.S.My equipment is a Chinese red and black 100 watt laser and, yesterday I received the 3018-PRO CNC router with the optional laser attachment. I am having to re-invent myself for a less physical occupation.