Enable signal and power regulation signal for laser mounted on EleksMaker ManaSE v3.1 plotter


I have an EleksMaker ManaSE v3.1 plotter on which I would like to mount a laser that needs two command signals: a digital signal (0-5V) for enabling (on / off) and an analog signal (0-5V) to adjust the power. By applying a low pass filter to the output of pin 11 (PWM) I should get the analog signal I need. But where could I get the digital on / off signal instead? Generally on CNCs based on GRBL firmware it is pin 12 that gives the enable signal, but on this board it does not seem to be connected. Do you have any suggestions by chance?
In the attached image you can see that there is a connector called M3, which in the Gcode indicates the enabling of the tool, but I don’t know if it can have that meaning on this board

I have the Z axis kit, does lightburn controls Z axis?

Yes, for material height adjustments, z offset, and per pass z changes.