Enabling air-assist disable

Using the built-in Ruida “Wind” connector and a relay, I put an interupter in place for the aquarium style compressor. Ultimately, I’d like to have a compressor with tank and an on/off valve, but I can use the same mechanism when I get there.

The relay turn the power outlet to the air compressor on/off. I also used the cut-through mode on layers to give the compressor 2,000ms (2 seconds) to turn on and 250ms to turn off.

Interstingly, the test cut/engrave is much cleaner with the air off (right) than on (left) - less overspray from the smoke.

No flame? If I turn mine off I get alot of flame

No flame. My cut was 100mm/25% on a 100W tube.

I guess I should have included the reason why… :slight_smile: I’m looking into using dye/powder as a method of fusing color to acrylic. Normal burn with air-assist to get the pattern, then add powder, defocus, and turn air off to melt.

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