Enabling Rotary Sends Green Dot Off-Screen

Best seen in the attached video link, however I will do my best to explain it. Whenever I enable my rotary, the green dot is sent way off my bed workspace as if there something there which there isn’t. As you can see from the video I start with a completely empty file and only add a square as a layer. After enabling the rotary the green dot goes way off the grid. The issue only arrises when there is a layer in the project. Without a layer, the green dot stays where it should even if the rotary is enabled. It was working fine for one tumbler and then for the next it went all crazy. any help would be much appreciated.

Video of Rotary Causing Green Dot Issue

  • Lightburn v.0.9.24
  • MacOS Catalina
  • OMTech 80W with the knock-off controller I believe

Don’t have a rotary, but I did notice that it ‘appears’ to be offset from work area the same amount in the opposite direction from the head…

The red dot, the head at the upper right, when you make the square and enable rotary it flips, what looks like the same distance from the red square except up… Clueless if it just the drugs or it’s coordinates are flipped somehow… Or better still shifted by an offset…?

Good luck


Thats definitely what’s going on. If I draw the box up close to the top and enable the rotary the green dot ends up as a mirrored reflection from the top of the bed. I should note that all this is going on without my rotary even attached. No different if it is attached or not unfortunately.

In the video the mirrored image is checked in the rotary settings. Did you mean to have it checked?

This is likely due to the ‘Mirror Output to Rotary’ being turned on, and it’s flipping everything, including all the position math. See if it does it with that switch off. Probably will actually do the right output thing, just a visual glitch. Please do let us know. :slight_smile:

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