Enclosure exhaust

For those of you who have built enclosures for your laser: will a simple 20cfm air purifier work as exhaust if it is sealed? I am building one for my Ortur laser master 2 and was thinking of putting a small MOOKA Air Purifier chimney on it. My other option is one of the 4" Vivosun inline fan with a filter. Its big but boasts 190 cfm. Just don’t want to waist extra money and space if I can. The box is going to be 24"x27"x10.4"

If you have air assist at the nozzle you need more to pull the smoke from all over the enclosure so I found that a small extractor didn’t do the job. I ended up with a 6" unit at 311 CFM

This has a full width collector in the laser cabinet (1000mm x 700mm) and exhausts into an MDF that is about the same size as you are thinking about. Inside I mounted 2 x cooker hood carbon filters about 12" apart. You will need to make an air inlet in the laser case that gives enough airflow to feed the fan. I have 3 x 4" dia holes in the side of the enclosure. The exhaust is piped outside though a modified cat flap!. Works very well.

Hope that helps,


Thank you. That helped as lot! I did get an air assist I am going to set up in the enclosure and ended up going with your suggestion

Excellent glad it worked out for you. FYI here are some pics. The internal collector is across the back fed by a 6" pipe in the centre that goes to the fan. The other is my cat flat exit!