End delay past 60 seconds? Bug?

I noticed the end delay can be set to 60secs, which is great, however, when timing it, it waits for about 17 seconds then finishes the cut. I can’t set it longer than 60secs, so its always waiting about 17 seconds afterwards. I’d like to set it much longer, about 1:30/2 minutes, so that I’m sure the smoke is cleared out of the laser each time.

How are you setting this?

Its under Edit → Device Settings

Got you. I’ve never really understood how those settings were intended to be used. This implies that you need to be wired correctly for it so I assume this relies on connection of exhaust to a particular pin on the controller.

Do you have any accommodation for this?

Thanks for pointing out that other post @berainlb, I’ve replied to this customer via the support ticket and am asking questions on this internally.

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