End of letter cut off

I had this problem once before when i was using a box around a logo and it would cut off the end piece, & had to have a straight line 1/16 away from the last letter to avoid cutting off the edge of the box. Wondering if this would be a similar situation. I have a few hundred of these to do,

That’s the start of the rob I’m betting, which means you have looseness in the belt driving the rollers. It’s not getting cut off - it’s all engraving in the same place as the Y axis slack is taken up after it changes direction.

Tighten the belt on the roller, or add a small line past the end of the text and set that to run first, but give it 0.1% power so it doesn’t actually engrave anything. The roller will move to that first, then reverse, and take up the belt slack on the way back to the first letter.

I had a feeling that it was the line thing. Should the line be in the first position or the last ?

Neither position fixed it. Still cutting off

I lied, I had the line too close, had to move it down a smidge. Thanks OZ !!!

You should fix the rotary, not the file. :slight_smile:

it’s a mansfield rotary, going to reach out to see how to fix. Great rotary

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