Ender 3, best way to go

Hi everyone, I’m currently lasering on an ender 3 using M106, and M107, while hardware switching between the fan and laser as needed, in order to still be able to 3d print. I am beyond Marlin 2.0, so I believe there are some laser specific settings(firmware) I could and should set, in order to get this thing to perform better. Now, am I understanding correctly, that in order to take advantage of these improvements, M03, and M05 would replace M106 an M107, while at the same time having to utilize an extra(unused) control pin on the motherboard? I know very little about this process, and was wondering if others might know where a fellow might get somewhat more educated. I’m currently finding very little info to go on. Thanks ahead of time for any and all help/advice. Have a great day all!

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