Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer Lightburn?

Hello all I am new to Lightburn, I have a Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer with a 2.5w Laser mounted and a Dremel Mount for Carving Acrylic and wood. I use Cura for 3D Prints and Repetier for Laser Prints. I have tried other laser software like Inkscape to generate gcodes, and GRBL software but they lack features that Lightburn has.

Current issue is I cannot figure out why Lightburn will not communicate with my Ender 3, I have tried GrBL and it will try to communicate with the Printer but it will not move XYZ or turn laser on/off. heres a creen shot of console.

and heres a screen shot of when switched to marlin software. I am not sure if I have to enable a bootloader on my ender 3 as this is the Most popular 3D Printer on the market and people have flashed Marlin Firmware.

Please Help I really want to get Lightburn to work on my Ender3. Currently on my 6th day Trial of Lightburn. If All Works I will purchase Software.

Can you reset the origin of the axes?

I press “home” button. And the “get location” button and it does not move any of my stepper motors.

What control board are you using and what version of firmware are you using?

Grbl is not a 3D Printer firmware. The Ender3 might be running Marlin. Try that.

From the text output emitted in the console, I see “Marlin 1.0.0”, so you would need to use the Marlin device in LightBurn, not GRBL.

I am also trying to get my Ender-3 to work with LightBurn. (not Ender-3 Pro)
I have it set up with Marlin firmware but does not connect.

OK so I figured it out myself, I changed the baud rate in settings to lowest, closed program then reopened the program and it connected! So far all I have tried is homing from laser control and it works. I would say I would keep you informed but it appears that I am only allowed to reply 3 times on a thread as a newbie :thinking:

You should be able to post more now.

@ agua2004 I would love to see some pics of your setup please as I have a Ender 3!pro and was thinking of adding a Dremel but no idea on where to start, my laser is separate an endurance 10 watt. Could you share with me your setup etc please I have always wanted to play with wood and plastics and never thought the Ender could do it. Many thanks Neil

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