Ender 3 v2 using lightburn gcode error

Hello…running lightburn with my ender 3v2 using a 5 watt output diod laser. Took some doing getting it to connect. Once i got it working and i could manually move the head and bed. I started running it…about 5 seconds into engraving, the laser stopes moving and just keeps giving power and burning through my wood. It gets a gcode error. I dont know the error. But what would be a solution to that? Pleaee help

Can you post the error and any other contents from Console?

Can you also take a screenshot of Edit->Device Settings?

This error keeps showing up, i do believe its a metric to standard error…but also doesnt makes sense.

I can’t see your whole screen but a few things…

  1. You have rotary enabled. Is that deliberate? If not, disable it as that could be adding a complication. Retest
  2. You didn’t include a screenshot of Edit->Device Settings. Can you include that? An actual screenshot is preferable to a photo as it’s easier to parse.
  3. Can you push the Save Gcode button in Laser window and save the gcode with a .txt extension? The upload that file here.

the rotary enabled is deliberate, as i have tried with it on and off. still the same result. also how do i load up the file you asked for?, cant seem to do it.

Looks like you’re running an extremely old version of LightBurn. I hardly recognized the Device Settings screen.

Better to leave off if you’re not intentionally trying to use it.

Also, you have “Enable pointer offset” set but no offset specified. Probably better to just disable the offset. I don’t think this would affect the the issue you’re having but not sure.

If you’ve already saved the file as a .txt file you should be ready to upload. Just drag and drop the file into the reply field that you are typing in or push the up arrow icon.

If you haven’t yet saved the Gcode then push the “Save gcode” button the laser window. When asked for a filename make sure to add or replace the extension of the file with .txt. This forum only accepts whitelisted filetypes so .gcode and others are not accepted.

Hopfully this Helps, cant seem to upload any other way. I did however update to the new version, and got it going. But now my laser starts engraving and slowlu moves to the right or left of my bed. it will basically just prints lines. or it runs way off course.

compass.txt (106.9 KB)

I do a sketch, but i cant do anything else. i cant grayscale, or any of the other options.

To make sure I understand the current state…

You no longer get the “Unknown command” error?

This is to say you can burn but can’t change settings?

Can you take screenshots and photos of what you’re dealing with now?

When i do a preview of my photo it looks good. And it doest start proper, but then the Y axis only moves 1 direction after a bit and the x axis does the same, till it hits the end. Here is a simple drawing of what i mean. Im not home, so i cant take a picture. Tonight i can tho. And yes, my unknowen command issue is no more. Thanks for that.

I can burn, and i can change settings. When i do a outline, or a quick photo sketch it will work. I do believe it is a setting issue.

Is there a rhyme or reason to designs that burn correctly vs designs that don’t?

Once you’re able, screenshots of the designs that work vs not would be helpful.

I’m wondering if this might be a buffer overflow or something if it’s happening with photos. You may want to experiment with different baud rates and/or changing transfer mode to synchronous. That’s generally not preferred but would be good to prove out.

Anything i burn, it will move off course. here are a few pics.

It just keeps moving more and more in 1 direction after 20 seconds, but still moves back and forth

What happens for designs that actually work?

This happens, so it really doesnt work either. No matter the size, or shape, its off center in some way.

I’m confused. How are the two designs different?

But just from the burn sample it looks like you have a losing steps issue.

Either something mechanical or you’re driving the steppers too fast. If you dramatically reduce speed does this change anything? It could also be that you are overrunning your buffer. Did you try reducing baud rate or setting transfer mode to synchronous?

I suggest you test at slower speeds. Do you hear a buzzing sound from the steppers at higher speed? Slowing down should reduce missing steps in both the scenarios of going to fast or if you have a mechanical issue.

Do a full mechanical review. Check if you have any loose belts. Anything that would allow steppers to turn without the correlated movement.

Check all pulleys that they are properly secured to the stepper shaft. The fact that the start and end points of the outer circle indicate a backlash issue. This is often caused by loose pulleys although I don’t see other tell-tale signs of loose pulleys. Make sure the grub screws are properly secured.

If a mechanical review exposes no problems then most likely a situation where the steppers can’t support the requisite speed in the design.

I tried everything you pointed out, it still goes off track. Everything works fine, even when i switch back to 3d printing. Have a look at the pics.