Endurance Laser Purchase?

I am ready to make the jump and purchase a laser module kit for my Shapeoko XXL. I have a set amount to spend which is not enough to purchase the J-Tech. As posted before I have an Atomstack and am hooked on lasers.
I have very limited knowledge of electronics and the jargon to know what I am reading.
I know I want all the power I can get on a diode so am looking at the 10 watt plus SE that is on sale at the moment. Per the add it claims everything is in the package to get you started. I have no doubt mechanically I can get it installed on the CNC. My concern is the connection to the CNC control board.
Has anyone installed this on a CNC or Shapeoko or can explain to me what I need. I have the J-Tech pin kit thinking I could install the atomstack which does not have a PWM slot on the control board.
I tend to research the heck out of purchases and if anyone has a comment about this I would appreciate hearing it.
Thank You and again sorry for the long post.

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